Football in the occupied Poland


  • Jakub Maciej Ferenc Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland CESH

Palabras clave:

football, World War II, Poland, occupation


This article presents the history of football in Poland during World War II – the most dramatic period in the country’s history (even considering its dramatic history in general). The research covers three aspects of football history in occupied Poland, during the period of World War II: official football games, presenting not only national and league games but also the tragic fate of Polish players forced (?) to wear German football jerseys during the occupation; unofficial games, telling an unbelievable story of football matches played in the concentration camps and oflags; illegal games, indicating circumstances under which Poles continued to play football despite  severe punishments intended for any sport activities conducted in the occupied country. The article describes the unknown and dramatic history of football and sports in general in occupied Poland, providing the details that the widely known literature fails to mention. It is believed that this aspect of Poland’s and the world’s history is worthy of further investigation and dissemination.