Sport in Valencia during the early years of the Franco regime (1939-1945). Political repression and control.


  • Josep Andreu Bosch Valero Universidad Católica de Valencia.

Palabras clave:

Postwar, Francoism, Repression, Sport, , Valencia.


The city and the province of Valencia did not suffer the Francoist repression until the end of the war, being one of the last territories conquered by the armies of Franco. Thus, in April of 1939 began a campaign of repression in order to eliminate everything that might recall the situation previous to July 18, 1936. The world of sport did not escape from this brutal process, designed to put an end to any hint of dissent. The repression was applied in a systematic manner, affecting both individuals (athletes, sports administrators, teachers of physical education, journalists), and collectivities (clubs, federations and sport associations, etc.).The consequences of this process to people classified as "enemies" of the new regime were different: death sentences, internment in prison, exile, economic sanctions, political purging in the workplace. Even in sports tough sanctions were applied.Similarly, the new political authorities exercised absolute control over clubs and sports federations to prevent any form of opposition to the new regime. 

Biografía del autor/a

Josep Andreu Bosch Valero, Universidad Católica de Valencia.

Doctor por la Facultad de CC. de la Actividad Física y del Deporte de la Universidad Católica de Valencia.Licenciado en Geografía e Historia.Diplomado en Magisterio especialidades de CC. Humanas y Educación Física.Profesor de la asignatura Historia de la Actividad Física y del Deporte en la Universidad Católica de Valencia.